Gene-edited crops: enabling future commercialisation and trade

An international conference on regulation of gene-edited crops

26th-27th April 2023, Canberra, Australia

An international two-day meeting featuring academia, industry and policy experts on the science, trade and regulatory pathways for gene-edited crops organised by Murdoch University Perth and ISAAA. The conference will feature Industry representatives and scientists sharing information and experience related to gene-editing and world trade and how Australia can move forward in this area to be part of the fast eveolving market regulations. Topics that will be discussed will include Intellectual Property, technical and other regulatory issues. It includes the grain and horticultural industries’ perspective on gene-editing, and the role of Science Diplomacy in international harmonisation/alignment of regulations. As the seat of the Government of Australia, Canberra is home to many important institutions of the federal government, national monuments and museums. This includes Parliament House, Government House, the High Court and the headquarters of numerous government agencies. It is the location of many social and cultural institutions of national significance such as the Australian War Memorial, the Australian National University, the Royal Australian Mint, the Australian Institute of Sport, the National Gallery, the National Museum and the National Library. 

International Conference featuring academia, industry and policy experts

Leading speakers will present and discuss the latest science of gene-editing applications to crop improvement; regulation of gene-editing technologies and produce in Australia; the international perspective-regulation of gene-editing/produce in the Asia-Pacific, Europe, North and South America.

The Shine Dome

The Australian Academy of Science’s Shine Dome was the first Canberra building to be added to the National Heritage List, for its historical and architectural significance.

A Canberra landmark since its construction in 1959, the Shine Dome has received numerous awards and is one of seven projects the Royal Australian Institute of Architects has nominated to the World Register of Significant Twentieth Century Architecture.

Roundtable Discussions

The conference will also feature two Roundtable discussions – the first featuring scientists discussing technical aspects and nuances of gene editing, possible limitations and new applications, and the second, industry perspectives surrounding trade in gene-edited produce.